SSoCIA 2020 Conference Cancelled


SSoCIA leadership has decided that we have no choice but to cancel SSoCIA 2020.   We are truly sorry for all the inconvenience this will cause everyone, but we simply aren’t willing to risk contributing to the spread of a disease that endangers members of our community.  Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of the U.S. National Institute for Infectious Diseases, summed it up perfectly yesterday when he said, “Don’t wait for community spread. Now is the time to do social distancing, whether there is spread in your community or not.” 

We ask for your patience over the next couple of weeks as we try to anticipate all the issues and work through them as quickly and fairly as we can (and please email me if you have suggestions or encounter problems we haven’t thought about).  Currently, we plan to reschedule SSoCIA for mi-March of 2021 in the same venue. Please stay tuned for updates.

Kelly C. Smith, M.S., Ph.D., Da.D.

President, SSoCIA

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